62 Ways to Beat the Gas Pump Monster


Rising Gas Prices Killing YOUR Budget?

All a person needs is the know-how, the tips and tricks, the truth and not the old rumors......of how to make that tank last until next payday! I've written it all down for you and put it in a report I like to call...

62 Ways To Beat The Gas Pump Monster

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

How gas prices in your area compare to the gas prices in other parts of the US - and if you're paying more than the rest of us!

The percentage of your fuel that is automatically wasted every time you use your car - and how to keep that number at a bare minimum.

A little known figure about gas mileage that you can use to save money on your taxes.

A little known secret about what time of day you should buy gas to get the most for your money.

How to use the Internet to save you money at the pumps.

How money-saving drivers know when their car or truck needs to be serviced in order to get better gas mileage.

Secret moves to use with the nozzle to save nearly a half-cup of gasoline that you've already paid for.

The little known truth about "high octane" gas and your vehicle.

An easy way to increase fuel consumption that's very important for the health of your car.

A little known item that should be replaced regularly if you want to improve your gas mileage by up to 10 percent.

5 ways to save on gas when commuting to work.

Finally! The truth about idling cars - and what gas stations don't want you to know about "running your car" to warm it up. A tiny little trick that will not only make your car lighter, but more efficient.

How hot days can often reduce your fuel economy by up to 20 percent and what you can do about it.

11 web sites you can't afford to miss if you're concerned about paying too much for gasoline.

And much more!

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